Victoria Snisarenko. Be yourself, no matter what.

Viktoria Snisarenko is a world-famous top model, who became a face of many European brands. Having worked in a law firm she also knows her rights. You’d better not cross her path, even if you are David Duchovny. Read to find out more.

— Viktoria, you are economist by profession. What were your first steps in modeling?
I’ve graduated from the Institute of State and Municipal Management in Kyiv and I did work as an economist in a law firm. My modeling career began very unexpectedly with the music video for a popular hit by a Russian singer, Leonid Agutin, and the Danish star, Tomas N’evergreen. After my debut I started to receive lucrative offers from many clothes and cosmetics brands.

— What contracts are you proud of?
I worked with MAX FACTOR, which is especially flattering, because this cosmetic brand has a rich history from its very creation by Maksymilian Faktorowicz to the legendary models that were shot for it, such as Ava Gardner, Jean Harlow, and even the legendary Marlene Dietrich. Also, in France, I had shootings for REVLON PROFESSIONAL and VICHY. In Russia — for brands DAVIDOFF and ARTDECO, in Germany — for PIERRE CARDIN, in Austria — for SWAROVSKI. I should say that it’s an honor for me to work with all these great companies.


“The work of a professional model is constant traveling to different countries, interesting acquaintances and a good way to earn good money. However, it’s not easy, because you always need to be on top: look good, smile, be confident, no matter what.”

— Tell us about your family.
My father is Ukrainian. From him, I inherited emotionality, sense of adventure, and composure. My mother’s background is purely Jewish – she gave me her intelligence, ease and dignity. And every time I feel a fire burning within, I remember what volatile mixture is coursing through my veins.

— Who you wanted to be as a child?
I was a very romantic girl and dreamed of becoming a flight hostess. Even now, after hundreds of hours spent on the plane, every flight is special for me. I love flying. The sky is so romantic!

— The only beauty contest you participated in was “Miss Eurasia” and you won it! What were your impressions?
It consisted of many rounds, and we trained every day with the leading professionals in the modeling industry who had helped each of us to create individual style. The jury assessed not only the appearance, but also our inner qualities. It was not easy and I was very happy to be crowned “Miss Eurasia-2014.”

— What do you think about modern standards of beauty?
I am glad that today’s fashion model should not suffer from excessive skinniness. For me, the ideal variant are the models from Victoria Secret: fit, slightly athletic but with all that sexy curves.

— What is the story with the Hollywood actor David Duchovny?
Well, one of my attentive fans noticed that my photo appeared in “Californication” TV series. No one asked, if they could use my photo! And for now this situation is not solved.

— What will you recommend to young models?
Be yourself, no matter what.

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