Small talk with Irene Noone!
04.04.2017 08:00

About private:

  1. Continue the phrase: If I were literary or cinematic character, I would be
    Matilda from Leon
  2. Which is the most valuable advice you have ever received?
    I have had such advice in my life and I am convinced of its wisdom till the present day. It sounds like “if you have any doubts don’t hesitate”.
  3. Describe your most ordinary day in the life.
    My day starts at 7.00 a.m., I take care of myself and prepare for a new day till 8 a.m. Then I have a full-time working day until 6.00 p.m., it full with meetings and working questions which not connected with modeling business. As usual, I have a busy schedule at evenings — there are meetings with friends, and shootings, and various backlog cases! I come home about 22-23 p.m. and try to dedicate more time to sleep.
  4. Which is your favorite city and why?
    I love Moscow very much. This is a deep and absolutely fatal love to the crazy energy of this city, a constant movement and a lot of opportunities. The only thing that can’t be done in Moscow is to be at a stop.


About girl’s things:

  1. Continue the phrase:Waking up in the morning, the first thing I think about is
    In my mind I go through my wardrobe and decide what to wear. I always build the basic plans for the day at the evening, so in the morning my mind is free from serious thoughts.
  2. 3 things, which are always in my purse…
    Lip balm, favorite perfume Exquisite Musk by YSL and car keys.
  3. What things are musthave in this season for you?
    Shortened skinny trousers, hoodie, black tuxedo and net pantyhose (can’t imagine this spring without it)


About nutrition:

  1. What kind of food system do you follow?
    I do not any kinds of meat and milk products as well. I’m a follower of healthy diet system – vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts, soups and juices. As for fried, fat, spicy and sweet food — I can eat it very rare.
  2. Do you have a sure method to get into shape quickly?
    Drink only water and do not eat anything for one day. It helps to start the metabolic process. Then need to limit starch, sweet, salty food; eat mainly vegetables and fish and what is more, don’t drink even water for 3-4 hours before a sleep. In a week you will see the result.
  3. The ideal breakfast for me is…
    Big cup of tea with bergamot and lemon + hot toast.


About perspectives:

  1. What are your goals in modeling business?
    I want to be the face of a famous brand.
  2. Continue the sentence: I will never do …
    I will never say «never».
  3. What achievements will be an indicator that you have succeeded in life?
    Rather, it will be not achievements, but sensations — when I wake up and understand that right now I can go everywhere and for as long as I want, then I’ll be sure that I have succeeded in life!

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