Small talk with Olga Filatova

Olga Filatova is a very creative and artistic person. Being a stylist and designer she has true fashion taste and inborn sense of style. Also her specialty is psychology, so she loves people and is very easy-going. Let’s find out more about this beautiful and talented young model.

— If you didn’t need to work for income, what would you do all day long?
— I’d travel as much as I could! Travelling is my passion. And of course I would like to help other people.

— What’s your favourite place in the world?
— Not long time ago I had a photo shoot in Monaco and simply fell in love with Cot d’Azur! Nice people, wonderful mood, great views!.. So in a week after it I decided to come back and spend there the rest of my summer. I adore such spontaneous journeys! I can easily take my bag, go somewhere alone and find many new friends.

— Where is the next place in the world you are going to?
— I want to visit London and the USA. Actually I would like to build modelling career in America.

— What do you usually bring home from your journeys?
— I like beautiful dishware and always try to bring home some unusual and unique crockery.

— What was the worst makeup or hairdo done for you? How did you react?
— You know, I often argue with make-up artists because being a stylist myself I know what is better for me. And a few times I had very unpleasant experience. Although it’s very difficult to put me out of temper, I was absolutely freaked out!

— Would you like to have your own fashion line? What clothes would be there?
— Yes, it would be very interesting! Summer dresses, I guess – light flowing fabric and airy designs.

— Would you like to attend some courses? What skill would you like to master?
— I’d like to attend course in public speaking. I think that it is very important to be able to utter thoughts in a clear and beautiful manner. I even signed for one but didn’t manage to find time for it. But I’m sure that one day I will.

— Do you have time for doing sports?
— Yes, I like doing yoga and practice Latin dancing.

— Do you like to cook?

-Well, I live alone so I have nobody to cook for but sometimes I feel like cooking something yummy.

— What does a woman need to be and feel beautiful?
— I think every woman needs a man who will love her. Then she will be happy and her eyes will shine. Also a lot really depends on the atmosphere. I like beautiful classic interiors and pay attention to details.

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