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“One of the youngest and most successful owners of a travel company” according to Forbes Irina Velichko, despite on her young age had already reached the title of the Best Travel Company of 2016.

“I expose myself to new things. I am a radiant personality, naturally warm, open- and positive-minded girl. My dearest wish to live at the seaside in a big house luminous with sunlight through the picture windows, along with my future husband surrounded by my beloved children. I imagine my family life to very joyful and full of interesting and heartwarming events.
I am always striving to develop my personal skills studying psychology and positive thinking; I will never tire of dreaming and coming up with new goals in my life.
I want to create many different projects for kids and improvement of people’s lives, in order to implement them I would like to find partners, it would be interesting to create or join an existing brand of clothing by promoting a company.
Oh, my dearest wish is to be a bride at a huge wedding – I see it as a party with a hundred guests on one of the Italian coasts.
The heroine of the column is a very romantic and at the same time enterprising girl who strives for an ideal in all aspects of life, she told us about the secrets of success in business, the nearest projects and plans for the future.”

1.What achievements will be an indicator of what you have succeeded in life?

— A happy and most beloved man, a happy family, having breakfast in the morning on the ocean coast in my own house. Laugh and smiles of my nearest and dearest people. I think my career has fulfilled and the main goal of every woman is to be a support for a loved one creating all the best values in her family.

2. What are you most proud of?

— I’m proud that I managed to create a successful travel company, and there is my hobby and work that brings pleasure.

Why did you choose particular tourism for your career?

— Because it gives me an opportunity to open new horizons for people, give people happiness and be involved in this. This is the unique opportunity to be always in the rhythm of life and the crest of the wave — there is nothing more interesting than adventures, new acquaintances and incredible discoveries during traveling.

4. What are the long-term goals in your business?

— Oh, now we are creating a project focusing on concierge-service for tourism all over the world, we are able easily and quickly arrange transfers by any private airplanes, we can easily find rooms in those hotels where the same are already over, we will provide you with personal support in any country and enable you to delight your vacation without being distracted by anything. Let the professionals arrange your ideal traveling.
For 8 years of successful work, we have found a fine line of ideal service as in Swiss watches.

5. What are your strengths from your point of view?

— Positive thinking, ability to make decisions quickly, tolerance to people.

6. So, is it possible to find your 3 weaknesses?))

— Excessive kindness sometimes brings many additional worries, I am too sensitive and perceptive to any event in my life, my striving for the ideal in many aspects of life.

7. Please give your advice as a successful lady: how to combine family and work?

The key to successful business development is the initial wellbeing and happiness in the relationship, the daily care and attention to your nearest and dearest people … when this is achieved, the universe itself will help you in your business affairs.

6. The rules that help me in business and business relations are …

Do not lie to partners and be always engaged in fair competition, try to be the best in all respects and sincerely respect those with whom you have business, i.e. with partners and clients.

“I dream of a long romantic trip to the St. Barth Island or the island of Saint Barthélemy, drowning in the romantic embraces and kisses of my beloved, enjoying the beauty of the ocean and stunning sunsets.”

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