Few questions for model Rimma Sushinska!
05.04.2017 12:00


About private:

1.     Describe most ordinary day in Your life.

As usual I wake up not earlier than at 10 a.m. I start the morning with healthy breakfast. Then I go to the English or Italian class, it depends on the day of the week. In the afternoon, I go to the sport club, where I’m train, do beauty procedures or just relax in SPA. In the evenings I sometimes go to the dinner with my friends and sometimes I spend time at home reading my favorite book or watching films.

3.     Which is the most valuable advice you have ever received?

Don’t afraid of failure – they make us stronger. My mother gave me this advice.


4.     The best present you have ever given or going to give and for whom?

I brought my friend a T-shirt singed by famous football player personally for him from Italy.


5.     What achievements will be an indicator that you have succeeded in life?

A big and happy family, house by the ocean side and work, which will be for like a hobby.

6.     What are you proud of?

An amount of my trips)) at that moment I visited more than 50 countries.

7.     From your point of view – what are 3 most strong traits of your character?

Sense of purpose, tenacity, prudence.


8.     And there are negative traits?))

Irascibility, impulsiveness, impatience.


9.     The last book you have read?

Oscar Wilde, The picture of Dorian Grey
(reread for second time))


10.  An ideal vacation for you is – beach+chaise lounge or mountains+skis?

Beach+chaise lounge is my weakness)) I love warm countries!

11.  What is your favorite city and why?

I’m madly in love with Los-Angeles! I always feel myself good and cozy there;  there is warm climate and a lot of friends.

12.  Continue the phrase: I will never do…

I will never do something bad to people who loved me and to animals as well.


About Professional:

1.     If I were not to be a model, I would be…

TV presenter) I always wanted to try myself in this direction.

2.     What are your goals in the modeling business?

To be more popular and recognized.

3.     The most fascinating in modeling work is…

Communication with new people, travelling, bright images


About Beauty:

1.     What are you choose in everyday life – Full MakeUp or NoMakeUp?

Actually, I like Full MakeUp more, but I don’t use cosmetics during vocation.


2.     3 things, which are always in my purse…

Wallet, lipstick, phone

3.     Beautiful girl  — which girl is it?



About Style:

1.       I would describe my style as…

…elegant) sometimes casual


2.       Who is the fashion icon for you?

Kate Middleton


3.       What will you never wear?

Sport shoes with dress))


4.       Which clothes are musthave in this season for you?

Dress with floral ornamentation and ballerinas by Channel)


About Healthy&Sport:

1.       What kind of food system do you follow?

I allow myself a little sweets)


2.       Which type of sport do you prefer and do you practice it?

Fitness and pilates.

3.       The ideal breakfast for me is…

Yoghurt, muesli, dried fruit and green tea

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