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03.08.2017 12:00

HelloMonaco is a news and leisure website in Monaco, launched about one and a half years ago, in Russian and English. Olga is a professional journalist with experience on Russian television and in marketing with a financial company on Wall Street.

Olga, how did you come up with the idea of ​​creating HelloMonaco?

To begin with,  I’d been living in Monaco for the last few years. I noticed that there are several magazines and newspapers presenting Monaco in one way or another. However, there was no online resource that would present the daily life of the Principality, share its key economic, social and cultural events on a day-to-day basis.

There are some monthly, but mostly quarterly editions. They cannot therefore be the information resource every Monegasque person starts and finishes their day with. HelloMonaco has filled this niche. Our website is designed in such a way that the reader gets direct access to all the resources, whether news, analytical data, entertainment or just useful information. We offer a specially designed website, a mobile application, an e-mail subscription, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In December 2016 we launched our English version.

How do you ensure the novelty and relevance of your information?

We have built good friendly relations with the official institutions of Monaco. We thus receive our information first-hand. We are one of the few media presences officially registered in Monaco. The Honourary Consul of Russia in Monaco, Ms. Ekaterina Semenikhina, has highly praised our activity. Her review is published on the website. This is a great honour to us and an important support to our project.

Being a local resident myself, I am, so to speak, at the very epicentreepicenter of events and in direct contact with my readers. It is much easier for me to understand the demands and requirements of our audience. After all, I am a typical representative of this not very typical audience.

Why isn’t it typical?

Let’s be honest. The Principality of Monaco is a unique place on earth. Not everyone can afford to live here. Not everyone will be welcome in this country. People who have achieved success in many different areas live here. Not only businessmen and financial people, but also athletes, artists, scientists, statesmen and famous art personalities are Monaco residents. These are all people of different nationalities and religions, with a different cultural heritage and traditions. They all live in this small territory of 2 square kilometreskilometers. The concentration of interesting people in the Principality is amazing! Moreover, this is a monarchy that imposes certain business practices and rules of residence. They are to be known and respected!

What is unique about the website?

We are striving to keep it at the highest professional level. The information part or “content”, its quality and presentation, are all very important to me as an editor and journalist. Much attention is therefore paid to the choice of topics and methods of presenting information: news, reports, interviews, market reviews, financial ratings, analytical materials, event announcements, essays on historical topics and journalistic insights.

What can you say about your audience?

HelloMonaco is designed for quite wealthy readers. 50% of our audience consists of Monaco and Côte d’Azur residents. The rest are those who regularly visit this place — businessmen and tourists from Europe, Russia, and Ukraine. As soon as we launched our English version, our audience became significantly bolstered by English-speaking subscribers from the UK, the Netherlands, Scandinavian countries, Belgium, Germany and even the United States. We are a young website that is experiencing a period of rapid growth. We have big plans and much remains to be done! If you want your company, product or service to be known in Monaco, our portal is what you need.

In the near future, the first issue of HelloMonaco magazine will be released. I will not reveal all the secrets. Let’s just say that the concept of this magazine is unique, a complete novelty on the Cote d’Azur.

 You are also a representative of the “Change One Life” Charity Foundation in Monaco. What does it stand for?

“Change One Life” ( was founded 5 years ago in Russia and has also been operating in Ukraine for the last 2 years. What is our mission? We create short video profiles for children who live in orphanages.  To this date, we have made 30,000 videos, and 11,000 children have found a family with our help.

I am sure that helping children find a family will resonate in the hearts of Monaco residents. It cannot be otherwise! There are so many people who are not indifferent and caring parents who are well aware that a child must live in a family, not in an orphanage. I understand that not everyone can adopt a child, but helping one find his or her way home, anyone can do that.

Just help us film a video about him and then share his story with all your friends, through your social networks. That’s how thousands of happy parents learned of the existence of our video database.

What is Monaco for you?

For me this is a country where life is beautiful without any hint of boredom. There are as many parties here as classical music concerts. This world of luxury is captivating, just as with the splendour of the local landscapes, the azure sea, sunrises and sunsets! Monaco is a dream country, a legendary country. On the one hand, this is a universe of luxury, princes and princesses, Formula 1, and on the other hand, a very dynamic country. It is a country that is getting younger and introducing many innovative and state-of-the-art projects. Many conferences are held here on the topic of the financial and economic future, and environmental security. Charitable balls nicely co-exist with unique top-technology exhibitions. And now, just to feel the pulse of Monaco, all you need is to visit our website, take part in unique projects and be invited to the events of our partners. See you at!


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