Olga Abramovich: my beauty secret is love

Olga Abramovich is a lifestyle and beauty blogger from Perm, Russia. She has 1.3m followers and shares beauty secrets in her Instagram and Telegram channel. For her Instagram is not work. It’s just a place for life and beautiful pictures.

“The fact that I receive beautiful things, live in classy hotels and make beautiful photos for them is a great bonus. Thanks to this, I have a lot of great friends all over the world” – says Olga.

She is very interested in healthy nutrition. Right now Olga is reading “Alive and dead foods” by Sergei Malozemov. She tries to stick to several important rules: no carbohydrates in the morning; light protein and vegetables for dinner; no salty food; no beef and pork; no cereals, except for buckwheat and quinoa; pasta – very rarely; no bread and other starchy food; no cottage cheese and soymilk instead of bovine milk. At the moment she is also giving up on lactose and casein, because of intolerance. At the same time she can eat meat or pizza if she really wants it, but it happens once a year or even two.

Olga is also fond of reading psychology books and spends much time thinking about self-development and importance of being inspired. Right now Olga’s inspiration is her beloved man.

“The woman unlocks herself in good relationships. It’s important to find a man who literary worships the ground you walk on! Then you’ll become very feminine and mild. Even the face features, gestures and gait may change if woman is in love. My beauty secret is simple. It is love.”

Olga says that with this man in her life many changes happened, even her photos in Instagram became less explicit. She is on her way to big changes as a personality and is going to show it to her followers very soon.


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