Olesya Malinskaya: beautiful and talented

Self-made fashion designer Olesya Malinskaya

    Since her childhood Olesya Malinskaya loved beautiful outfits and drew princesses in amazing dresses. Being a creative person she felt that fashion design is the sphere where she could express herself. All her first dresses that she made for herself were always in the limelight and everybody wanted to have them. At that moment Olesya realized that it was her calling. Having sold her expensive car, she invested money in this business and created her first collection of evening dresses. Since that risky adventure 7 years have passed. For several years Olesya had a boutique in the center of Moscow on Petrovka Street. And last year she opened a boutique and renamed the brand from Olesya Malinskaya to Mallini Couture.

“80% of all the work I do myself, cause if you want to have something done well — do it yourself! I cannot trust anyone even to purchase materials. Moreover I really enjoy choosing and purchasing fabrics for my dresses all over the world. My favorite are delicate lace and exclusive embroidered materials!”, — says Olesya.

Miss Malinskaya is convinced that talent is given from God and education is not so important. Indeed, Elsa Schiaparelli did not know how to sew or draw, but she became a sensation and an icon of fashionable Paris! Jean Paul Gaultier is also a self-educated person; he always played against the rules and liked to break stereotypes.

Olesya Malinskaya is a self made woman too. The secret of her success lies in her wisdom and constant self-development.

“A modern woman should be able to remain feminine and flexible. With a man — fragile, sensual and playful. With children and parents — affectionate and caring. At work — strict and confident.”

As a child, she did acrobatics and could easily do a gracious leg split. She also likes yoga and swimming. Despite her beautiful figure by nature, she goes to gym three times per week.

“I love to perfect myself. And I believe that a woman, if beautiful outside, should be twice as beautiful inside!”

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