Interview with Miss Europe — Maria Slusnyte!
02.01.2017 08:00

My name is Maria Slusnyte, I’m from Baltic state Lithuania. Few years ago I participated in Miss Fashion TV in Cyprus and I was placed in top 10. Also when I was teenager was a competition in Lithuania and I have got a title of miss photogenic.

Last year my friend became a Miss Europe World 2016 competition; she asked me, if I would like try to participate this year. I filled form and send to this organization. Commission made interview and then decided which girls can participate. I was chosen to represent my country! Very happily and super exited went to Beirut to meet girls from all over Europe. There was not so easy first days, because I arrived couple days later than others, so girls already knew each other and have made friendships. Later I became friends with Miss Moldova, but other girls were very nice and friendly too. All of us spend around 3 weeks in Lebanon; we were visiting all country round and discovered a lot about this beautiful piece on earth.

All this time was very intense, during the day we were visiting all sponsors and got beauty advices and treatments from specialist. After this we had rehearsal and then late dinners, bars and night life. In Lebanon night life is part or culture, so it’s very important to see it. So was quite hard every day.

My plans now are to work as much as possible; to win the title of Miss Europe World is not a hardest part, the hardest is to keep it all the year. So many interviews all over the world are still waiting for me. I’m planning to join to charity foundation for children hospitals. My dream and goal in life would be to create family with man I love and be very successful in career. I want to create my own clothing line for women; it’s my biggest plan for next year.

I wish all girls and women in this planet to be confident and appreciate what we already have. Stay positive and focus on your goals and you will get it! My diet is very strict, not only to stay in shape but also for staying healthy and young. I am eating only valuable food «superfoods».

My daily eating habits changed 1 year ago when I started read books and watch documentaries about it. So I decided stop using and eating animal products. I feel so great about myself; my skin is gloving, hair is shining like never before and my mind in the happiest level ever. And don’t forget about exercises! I work out 3-4 times a week. Mostly gym, swimming and playing tennis My hobbies include also esthetic beauty. I used to work as a make-up artist; it’s my biggest passion and my hobby.

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