Julia Gershun
04.08.2017 12:00

Model business has a lot of stereotypes, especially about the rate of models’ s intellect, but it’s definitely not about Ukrainian super model Julia Gershun. This amazing girl has perfect education, she graduated Faculty of Physics and Mathematics in Ukrainian University of Taras Shevchenko and has diploma of the Kyiv Institute of International Relations. Moreover,  Julia gets a diploma of TV presenter in Higher School of Television of the Inter TV channel, basically, the biggest Ukrainian TV Channel.

 In addition of good education the Ukrainian Model can be undoubtedly called Ukrainian Beauty Queen.  In her young age she has already impressive collection of titles such as one of the finalists of Miss International in Japan in 2012, Miss Dnipropetrovsk 2012, Best Model of Miss Ukraine 2012, Miss Donbass Open 2013, awarded with Photo Models Award in 2014, Princess of Ukraine 2015, 1st Runner Up of Miss Ukraine Universe 2016 and finally she won the International Beauty Pageant Madame TheGlam Monaco in 2016. Moreover, Julia had a cover of Ukrainian L’Officiel in 2015 and XXL Magazine in June  2017.

 Despite on her excellent model career  Ukrainian Beauty won many chess tournaments and mathematical Olympiads.  “I always wanted to show my worth so I tried everything close to my heart from science and sport to music and art. I have been engaged in artistic gymnastics and modern ballet since my childhood. During my school years I was taking part in different competition and chess tournaments and, of course, won all of them!”, — saying the Model.

 Miss Julia is always in perfect shape. The secret is simple,  she  has been  taking  dance classes since childhood and regularly does her exercises. In addition to this she pays attention to her nutrition, drinks a lot of water during the day, doesn’t eat floury food, sweet, spicy and salty dishes and also limits of eating meat.

 Recently First Beauty Queen of Monaco had been a TV presenter at the Eurovision what pushed her to wish to play a girl of James Bond. Her impression from this event was glorious: “The atmosphere at the competition was simply incredible.  The emotions were fantastic in the auditorium and on the stage. I almost burst into tears because of positive emotions. Artists were doing everything what they could to win.  It was a real fight.”

 It is impossible not to mention the Annual International Beauty Pageant Madame TheGlam Monaco 2016. This Beauty Contest was the first in the history of Monaco.  TheGlam is completely new, unique and one of a kind community of women who can be rightly called enviable brides and perfect wives! The finale of Madame TheGlam had been held during 3 days from 26th to 28th of September in Monaco.  Six beautiful delegates from different countries were fighting for the crown which Julia won as the most worthy Lady!

 “For me, the Contest Madame TheGlam became a huge step for my professional and private development. Finally I could realise the importance of my mission to represent my motherland on international arena and, of course, created the positive image of Ukraine!” saying Julia.

 Although, big part of Beauty Queen’s time fulfilled with the Charity.  The young lady combines purposefulness, talent and professionalism with her wonderful spirit. She is a founder and president of the  “Talented Children Evolution” Charity Foundation . Even her promo video and speech during the most important Event in Monaco was devoted to this topic. «For me, victory is not a title, it is an opportunity to attract more attention to global charity projects. I wish every child could become the person he wants to be and realised his dream. I know that it is possible as I achieved what I had dreamed of.”

 Since her victory Julia participated in Christmas Charity Project in Monaco, which helped more than 100 homeless kids to have a chance to be adopted until the end of this year.

 However, the Cover Girl doesn’t stop to move forward. She jumps from one project to another and improves her personality day by day. Currently Julia is a face of Monogasque brand — Loona Couture and it is only beginning of her international model career!  

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