Let’s ask Irina Buzinova!
18.04.2017 12:00

About Personal:

  1. Describe your most ordinary day in the life.

Everything depends on season, mood and availability, but mostly  My daily routine consists of next:

a)To go in for sports (yoga, swimming, yachting sport or just fitness training)

b)I’m care for my house and garden

c)Self-development (for example, I take lessons of English)

d)Once a week I have a spirit practice

e)And there is one main point, whatever I do (to drive, to kite surf or to do something else), my life consists of my 24/7 meditation.

  1. Which is the most valuable advice you have ever received?

Greed begets poverty. I have heard this phrase from my good, wise, wealthy and handsome friend)))

  1. What is the best present have you ever given or going to give and for whom?

Several times I gave to my friends participation in Sailing Regatta and everyone liked it)

4.What are you proud of?

I’m proud of my parents and me! Because I’m daughter of my parents)

5.What are 3 the most strong traits of your character from your point of view?

Unconditional love, sense of purpose and love to life in all of its aspects.

6.And do you have any negative traits?))

Sometimes I give a little time for my son and that’s what is breaking my heart .

7.What’s the last book you have read?

Two lives, Konkordia Antarova

I recommended everyone to read it.

8.What is a perfect vacation for you – beach+chaise lounge or mountains+skis?

A perfect vacation for me is kitesurfing, for example, in Mauritius/ Caribbean/ Boracay; in winter it is ski: Alps, Aspen and Kamchatka.

9.What is your favorite city and why?

Mauritius Island. It is infinitely beautiful in every way. I feel great there.

Also its aggregate of fantastic nature and climate, energy of the earth, stunning ocean which is perfect for all water sports — kitesurfing, surfing, windsurfing, swimming with dolphins, marlin fishing, etc.

10.Continue the phrase: My mom kills me, if she will get to know that I…

…  I started to eat the dishes were prepared by my Mom for festal dinner before guests come.

About Professional:

  1. If I were not to be a model, I would be…

… yachtswoman.

  1. What are your goals in the modeling business?

I see myself as a model for the most luxury sport brands, of course, because sport means a lot  for me.

About Beauty:

1.What are you choose in everyday life – Full MakeUp or NoMakeUp?


  1. 3 things that are always in my purse…

International passport, driving and marine licence, credit card.

  1. What is the beauty rule that you never violet?

Max sun protect (creams, hats, glasses)

  1. Beautiful girl is…?


About Style:

  1. I would describe my style as…

Sport chic.

  1. Who is the fashion icon for you?


  1. What will you never wear?

The dirty clothes.

  1. Which things are musthave in this season for you?

Clothes khaki&red colored.

About Healthy&Sport:

  1. What kind of food system do you follow?

I am a vegetarian (but I eat seafood). I drink a lot of water and fresh juices.

  1. Which type of sport do you prefer and do you practice it?

I professionally engaged in swimming for 10 years. I am Master of Sports in swimming. (1500 m of free style); The champion of Moscow (Russia).

In November 2016, I get a 3rd place among amateurs in kitesurfing in Mauritius.

I’m go in for yachting; now I’m prepared to Russian Championship in SB20 class and I plan to get a Master of Sport this year.

Also I like other yacht classes (J70 and so on).

As well I like downhill skiing.

  1. Do you have a sure method to get into shape quickly?

You have to be strongly inspired by something!

  1. The perfect breakfast for me is…

Fresh juices.


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