How to blow up YouTube? Ask Alena Venum!

The Instagram star and model Alena Venum is the TOP lifestyle-blogger and influencer. Two years ago she and her husband decided to come back from Sweden where they had business, to Ukraine and create something new and cool. They did: Alena got her first million of followers in 1.3 years after the creation of the YouTube channel. It happened in a natural way, without advertising and collaborations with other bloggers. Now after two years of blogging she has almost 3 millions of followers! Alena Venum actually blew up the Internet. Every new video gains from one to three millions of views!

Of course such incredible success is the result of hard work. But there is also a touch of fortune. The beautiful and creative Alena was in the right place at the right time. At first, DIY videos did well. When this format was popular, she was among the first ones who started to present it right.

“The audience think of me as of a close friend. I share my life, thoughts and advice, raise their spirits and, I hope, inspire them. They feel it and that’s why they are with me.”- says Alena.

Now she is focusing on humorous life sketches and continues to analyze what her audience like the most, trying to make content even better.

“I love this and I feel like I’m in the right place. Money has never been the main goal for me, you know. I just love to create.”

Alena also invites stars to her videos.

“I would like to invite Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez sometime. We could shoot «Exchanging partners» (laughs).

In fact Alena has very tender feelings to her husband Ruslan. She also calls him the best blogger ever and the example to follow.

“I started it myself, but now he is an intrinsic part of the project. He invests his time, resources and ideas and supports me in every possible way, and I am very grateful to him!”

Alena’s dream is to stay always young and preserve forever her love to husband, to life and to herself. By the way love to yourself she considers the main beauty secret for every girl.

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