Gayana Bagdasaryan: “I break stereotypes and I like it!”

Gayana Bagdasaryan is an Instagram model and film actress who became an Instagram phenomenon for her amazing photos and enormous popularity. Her army of 1.9 million followers are interested in everything about her: her lifestyle, what she eats, what brand of the underwear she wears, to what gym she goes and what exercises she does to shape such perfect booties – especially now, when hourglass figures are in trend. Gayana motivates not only girls to look sexy, but also men, who are more than half of her followers.

“I believe that the secret of my success is that I show myself the way I am without trying to play a role. No clothes will glam up your photo more than your beautiful body.”- says the model.

Gayana loves her body and pays a lot of attention to preserve its natural beauty. She admits that since school PE (Physical Education) was one of her favorite subjects. So now she is a very active person and never skips trainings. She has stretching 2 times per week and yoga and total body workout 3 times per week.

The girl who is often criticized for her provocative and sexually explicit photos and videos took part in many reality shows, but one of her most ambitious dreams is to get a leading role in a blockbuster. She is absolutely comfortable with filming in steamy love scenes. She loves to show who she is and be sincere. Yes, she is a sexy femme fatale, why should she pretend to be someone else?

Gayana is also known for her sense of style. Having no style icons she likes to show her individuality in clothes she wears.

“I never run after something that is “in”. I create my own fashion, getting carried away by my imagination, giving life to all those sexual images that are in my head!”

The successful model is happy that her boyfriend totally supports her in everything and this is her main motivation.

“I believe in love, I believe in energy. When you love and you are loved, then incredibly powerful energy is released. It inspires me to create new beautiful images and exciting videos that would electrify the air”.

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