Speak with Galina Migraeva
04.04.2017 08:00
About personal:
1.     Which is the most valuable advice you have ever received?
You have everything for happiness,- my mother said.

 2.     Continue the phrase: If I were literary or cinematic character, I would be… whom?)

I associate me with Asya of Ivan Turgenev.  — «Excuse me, I’m used to chattering everything that comes into my head. That’s why I’m afraid to speak.»

 3.     Describe your most ordinary day in the life.

My day always begins and ends in a bed. I’m a big fan of sleep, no, not even a fan, but a professional)))

 4.     What are you proud of?

It’s not nice to show off your achievements.

 5.     From your point of view – what are 3 most strong traits of character?

Backbone, kindness and beautiful eyes))))

 6.     And there are negative traits?))

I don’t have any )))

 7.     What is your favorite city and why?

Believe it or not, but it is Perm, the city I live in. Just because it’s native.

8.  Continue the phrase: Waking up in the morning, the first thing I think about …

Is it morning already…?))))

9.  Continue the phrase: My mom kills me, if she will get to know that I…

Come to visit her with a full belly.

10.  What is your motto in life?

My motto in life is: to live in harmony with yourself without being distracted and not wasting energy on the negative and on the things I cannot change.

About Professional:

1.     If I were not to be a model, I would be…

A tester of mattress and pillows for sleeping))))

2.     The most fascinating thing in modeling work is…

The most festinating is travelling.

About Beauty:

1.     What are you choose in everyday life – Full MakeUp or NoMakeUp?

I always reach a compromise: I do not go out without light make up.

 2.     What is beauty rule that you never violet?

I don’t violet one rule and it is full self-care.

 3.     Beautiful girl is…?

The girl which is in harmony with the outer and inner world.

About Style:

1.       I would describe my style as…

I like minimalism in clothes: simple silhouettes, natural fabrics and pastel colors.

 2.       What will you never wear?

Uggs. I don’t like it))))

 3.       Which clothes are musthave in this season for you?

For me, it’s definitely: a long denim jacket, chunky dress with embroidery and trouser suit.

About Food:

     The ideal breakfast for me is…

It is not ideal, but as usual it’s cottage cheese. Sometimes cheese cakes, which is much better than the first variant))))

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