Clarissa Marchese: a citizen of the world

After charming Clarissa Marchese had won the title of Miss Italy in 2014, she travelled all over the world as an Italian ambassador to Japan, China, Canada and the USA, where she decided to stay. Her mother was born in the USA, so having American ancestry the girl moved to Miami, Florida.

“I don’t know where I’m going to settle down — I still have so many things to do… Maybe I will come back to Italy one day” — says the model.

In Italy she worked for Canale 5, an important Italian TV network and in Miami she works as a web influencer. Clarissa has always liked to work as a TV presenter. For her it’s like entering people’s houses and telling them stories or simply bringing some good mood. On the other hand Clarissa is not sure whether she will participate in some other beauty contest again.

“Three years ago I was free and wanted to try something different. But now I have my work, my life and I believe that world is much more than only beauty. Aesthetic beauty is destined to end sooner or later and I don’t want to believe the world’s destiny depends on this. What is really going to save the world – it’s the beauty of mind.”

But of course the model has her own secret of beauty. It’s Aloe Vera: all the products she uses contain at least 90% of this ingredient. Also the girl did 10 years of dancing and now practices Pilates.

Clarissa Marchese is well known not only for her natural beauty but also for her sense of fashion and stylish looks. “My favorite brands are Dolce & Gabbana that reflects the real Mediterranean beauty, Armani with its elegance and Prada with its creativity”.

Clarissa Marchese participates in numerous charity events, because she believes that lucky people must help less fortunate ones. Her biggest dream is to make a family and be completely satisfied with her work, which is also her passion.

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