Carlos Takam
04.08.2017 12:00

Boxing is one of the most spectacular and expensive sports of our time. Bright spotlights, energetic music with the appearance of boxers, beautiful girls with numbers of rounds, a powerful voice of the announcer — these are all attributes of modern professional boxing, which in our time is more of a bright show than a sport.

Who is a boxer? A boxer is a strong personality, who doesn’t have insurmountable obstacles and unattainable goals. That’s why, children start to boxing in 5 years old. However, this story is not about our hero. Carlos Takam was born in Cameroon and has started boxing in 22 years old, it’s too late for boxing. “At first it was just for fun.” – saying Carlos.  He interested in boxing more and more and in a time he can’t live without this sport. The boxer has to overcome difficulties every day, solve internal problems, motivate himself to move on and improve. He was training 7 hours per day, which helped him to develop the iron willpower and ability to step over “I can’t”. In his 36 years old this amazing sportsman has 4 belts: IBF intercontinental champion, WBC Silver champion, WBF world champion and WBF intercontinental champion.

Boxing is not just a sport discipline, it’s a philosophy, it’s a way of life and it’s a way to self-discovery. There is an opinion that boxers are not very clever, but it’s absolutely wrong. Boxing is the second sport after chess, in which the activity of the brain is at the highest level. Here everything is decided in fractions of a second, which means that a lightning-fast assessment of the situation and the adoption of the right decision become the basis of success. To calm down own thoughts Carlos spends his time in the mountain, enjoys the view and relaxes.  Like any sportsmen he has a lot of dreams and one of them it’s has a family and two beautiful children.


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