“As wide as space — there is no limitation in all sentient being»
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Q: In Buddhism there is no creating founder for human and absolute truth. In this situation, how one’s find moral and philosophy from Buddhism?


A: Buddhist philosophy is “I am creator of myself”. Whether my wellbeing or happiness and suffering I can’t blame somebody, if I do something good I cannot think I receive it from somebody. I earn that if good things happening in my life through my good deed or virtue. If something bad happens I can’t blame it for anybody, because I already created that.

In modern world moral is quite important and it is discipline in life. Discipline for body, speech and mind.


Q: Nowadays people are using Social Media applications such as Twitter and Facebook in their daily life. Will Social networking make people happy or helpless?


A: Everything in our life has two sides. Social Networks are instant information. However, if you use it in wrong way, it is also effective. It depends on how we use it. It is also a platform that gives opportunity to everybody to express their thoughts feeling and action. Otherwise you have to go on TV or magazine. Social Media gives equal opportunity for everybody. Moral also comes out there, we have to use it responsibly.


Q: Is rich or poor’s happiness different? If it is, how different it is?


A: Happiness is not about being wealthy or not. However, it might be different according to the facilities. We are always seeking happiness from outside which is very wrong method. We are working so hard, to find happiness outside there. We work for wealth, fame, name, we believe that all these will bring us great happiness. Of course there is accomplishment but this is not genuine and pure happiness. When we reach a goal we still continue to follow up another challenge. Old saying of Buddhists says if you are materially more wealthy, it means you have got more suffering. And if you have less wealth, you have little bit less suffering. Opposite side of suffering is happiness. Another way of richness and wealth is in our knowledge. If you are rich in compassion you are more happy and meaningful in your life. Rich in knowledge is creator. So you will have more advantage. Rich in loving, caring and good mind, also knowledge and wisdom are important.


Q: Nowadays humankind seems more busy all the time. There is no time to attend the church or lectures. In this situation, how ones keep its faith in his religion.


So busy and much busy is not real busy. Just you are running and rushing up and down. There are not much things happening. Just your mind is rushing, because city life is rushing. Before we ride a horse or walk only as past time life was slower. In modern world we have no time, we have to work, take care of family, there are society and demands, there is education field, your time is so much demanding. But in our life, we have to have own control and then you will have choice.

Our pursue is happiness. So how we can achieve happiness if we can’t find happiness outside there, it’s just within yourself and you have to realize it. We have to do our job as best as we can take care of our family, but we must make time for our spiritual life and virtue or good deed. Year after year we work so hard and hardly have time for ourselves. However, what we really achieve after all is very limited. We earn wealth, friends, family but they can help me only with limitation, not beyond than that. For example, even If I am super doctor and able to heal many people when I get sick myself, only another doctor can help me. So nobody can help you beyond than limitation. But we are so fortunate that your own good deed or virtue has no limitation. Buddha Shakyamuni has talked about doing own virtue. Doing good deed or virtue is not difficult thing. It is good for your present life and beyond.


Q: According to busy life, people tend to relax and relief them from stress through Yoga and meditation. Is there any difference between ancient Buddha time meditation and current meditation methods?


A: In modern world, relieving from stress Yoga and meditation is used as good technic, specially in Western world. Meditation is originally related to spiritually enlightenment. It’s advancing your mind. Mind progress and development to its quality. Meditation in spiritual sense, it eliminates and reduces negative side of the mind and advance it.  Intentionally meditating is keeping and concentrating your body speech and mind here in this present moment. It brings love, compassion, wisdom in your mind.  In modern world for normal people, meditating is good technic to relief stress.


Q: You are Buddhist Rinpoche. And is there any difference in daily life of Rinpoche and normal worshiper?


A: There is not much difference. I have got titled Rinpoche because of my father who is 9th Bogd Gegeen of Mongolia. Rinpoche means “Precious one” in Tibetan language. Everybody are precious one, we called it precious human life for everybody. You are already precious. It doesn’t matter whether you are female or male, lama or ordinary person. If we comparing with other lives, there are so much opportunity, because we got human mind and body. So we are precious equally. We are doing our own good deed or virtue for ourselves.


Q: In Buddhist teaching, they are talking about devoting blessing for all sentient beings. But it isn’t for final good result of oneself? Because Rinpoche just mentioned that we are doing our own good deed or virtue for ourselves. How should we understand that?


In Buddhism, there are different levels. Basically middle or higher level there are different fields of mind. First you have to recognize yourself. Your experience and your knowledge is open to you; it is not hidden. Other people’s knowledge, experience and feelings are not open to me. From you, you have your wish to gain happiness or suffering and its experience is within me. Once you recognize yourself you are advancing yourself to the others. I will make it different view of point. If you only concentrate your “me” and practicing meditation, this technique has failed higher level. It will bring more pain and suffering, problems. Your ego will increase and became selfish. This mind is very powerful mind.  When I think only myself, it doesn’t work after all. It will put you in deeper problems. If we were thinking of all sentient being, it would equalize our minds. Unfortunately, normal life our mind is divided for 3 divisions only: people I like, people I don’t like, more than 99 percent -I don’t care. My happiness and work is good from people I like and my sufferings problems comes from people I don’t like. My suffering or happiness and joy comes from it. And whom I care is very small number in the end. That’s how it makes my life functioning. When you are thinking good for all sentient being, it will eliminate discriminated mind. Buddhism says “As wide as space- there is no limitation in all sentient being”. When you are able to think of all sentient being, your mind became very powerful.


Q: Is there any difference between atheist’s and worshipper’s suffering?


A: There are difference in their mental side. Of course pain is same. If somebody cut my finger when I am spiritual and when I am not spiritual, problem is same. But you accept the situation different level. For spiritual people, they can manage, they can think maybe as something good comes from difficult things.  Normal people accept it painful then sad and worried. When there is no real problem, then troubling their mind by creating so many problems in their mind. Spiritual people are more forgiving and can think good and kind for their enemies even.


Q: You are quite travelling person. Where and which country you feel most comfortable and enjoying yourself?


A: In last 7 years I have been living in Mongolia. Before that I did quite a lot of travelling with my teacher. Our travelling is not holiday but you have chance to see other countries, people, cultures and other food etc. My teacher was Buddhist Master and always invited here and there. We travelled most of South Eastern Asia like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China as well and India, Nepal where we used to live. As well Western world Canada, Australia, Switzerland and Russia. I was born in 1958 in Tibet, but my family refugee in India, so I grew up there. India is very comfortable and spiritual, people accept and live real life there. Culture is very lively, people’s mind is good even though their life is hard and difficult and challenging for most of them. For lamas India is “Land of great masters”. Mongolia is quite comfortable to me as well.  However, as I am a Tibetan, Tibet is always in my heart wherever I am, cause we so unfortunate that we lost our country. So I have no experience to grow up there


Q: There are situations that how much you tried your best and wished lot for something in life, but fails. What do you do or pray for it?


A: You must be open minded. What we say is that if you wish something, work for that, do your best and don’t think about result or outcome.  If you succeed it’s good, you earn that and you are satisfied. If it didn’t work as you wish, there is no regret. You have done everything you could do for accomplish that. You must be able to learn how to move on. However, some people are just lucky. Luck is actually linked to one’s good deed or virtue. So when you are positive and optimistic all things are easy to get. This is fact of life. We can’t think of result first. You must do your best. When one door closes there are thousand doors opens.



  1. When you are able to think of all sentient being, your mind became very powerful.
  2. If you wish something, work for that, do your best and don’t think about result or outcome.  If you succeed it’s good, you earn that and you are satisfied. If it didn’t work as you wish, there is no regret. When one door closes there are thousand doors opens.


Basic info or facts:


  • Thuksay Rinpoche is gifted Buddhist Lama and eldest son of our 9th Khalkha Javzandamba Bogd Gegeen.


  • Date of birth: 1958.01.01


  • Nowadays, Thuksay Rinpoche is living in Gandantegchinlen Monastery and continuing his service to Mongolian Buddhism.


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