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«THE KEY is creator of experiences that potentially change your life. . .»

Antoine Sepulchre, originally from Brussels, Belgium. Passionate about travel and discovering the world, building communities and experiment social experiences. Very curious about any kind of new healing techniques and transformational experiences.

Nowadays, the world became so spoiled with the power of open opportunities that it’s almost impossible to impress people anymore, unless you are not able to offer something really special. Something which nobody did before.

The founder of The Key Concierge Service Antoine Sepulchre share with us their bespoke experience and activity they create to their members every day. Their team consist of dedicated specialists and lifestyle managers who are able to create an individually customized journey with the spiritual sense and unique approach.

1. When and where did you get an idea to set up such a conceptual business?

I was working on the event business since my 18th, focused on corporate incentives for major class A companies. After the 2008 financial crisis, many of our clients decided to reduce their incentive budget and I decided to start this new business in August 2008 in Geneva with the private fantasy services, to response to a specific request from one of our past client. Starting from there I developed the concept of some very specific curated party experiences. In 2012 we developed FCS / Festivals Concierge Services, quickly becoming the leader in this niche market for festivals like Coachella, Tomorrowland and even the very special Burning Man event in the Nevada Desert. In 2014 we created Nomade, our bespoke travel service. Early 2016 we launched our last service, the Guidance in Consciousness.

2. The Key is not just a simple concierge service it is new philosophy of perception of habitual things, give us more details of what this philosophy about?

The key is a transformational experiences company, we create and curate bespoke experiences that have the potential to change the life of our Members (clients) and their guests. Our activities are divided in 4 sections: Experiences, Bespoke Travel, Festivals and Guidance in Consciousness. The philosophy is to involve our Members in the creation process of their experiences, to setup some intentions to every project, and to guide and educate them to something different, elevate their consciousness. Our members are A-list individuals, who usually already had the chance to experience a lot, and I believe this sentence from Marcel Proust will describe perfectly our mission: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.»

3. How your services influence life habits and mind of the members?

As one of our mission is to help our Members to elevate their consciousness, and that every experience have the potential to change their life, it often appears that they get out of our experiences with new intentions, goals, and more open heart. After one of our experience, a Members who’s a very important leader in the fashion industry, decided to completely rethink the organisation of his company, to help making a better life for his employees, impacting the life of several thousands families. Being able to observe this evolution as a witness is the best recompense for us en encourage us to continue to inspire our Members.

4. You are specialised to organise a private high level events: Which was the most unusual request during 10 years of your activity? Which was the most expensive ? What is the average budget to use your services and what is included?

Our average experience budget start at 200k€. The most expensive experience we had was several millions for a 3 days birthday celebration in Siberia (north Russia), in the polar Circle. It was very special and we had the chance to have the party blessed by the northern lights. The experience happened in the middle of an ice desert in the coldest conditions, temperature bellow 40 Celsius and wind over 100 km/h. We had to build everything from scratch, including a very luxurious temporary hotel in an abandoned military base, and a gigantic glass transparent tent to be able to enjoy the Northern Lights during the entire experience.

5. When we are talking about travels which experience can you offer to the clients? What makes you really special and exclusive? What is the most memorable tour had you ever organised ? What is the most unusual place had you been requested to visit and why?

When we create a travel experience, we want to offer to our Members a once in a lifetime, tailored and unique experience. We involve our Members in the preparation process, we get them prepared through some meetings (often a dinner) with local artists, writers, influencers, we organise some museum visits or expos related to the culture of the place, and even creating some educational content. Depending on the experience and the destination, we also create some physical and nutritional preparation program. We encourage our Members to discover their experience with some new eyes. One of the most beautiful and memorable experience is a pilgrimage around the Mount Kailash, the most sacred mountain in the world, located in the Himalayas.

6. Is it complicated to communicate with VIP clients ? Do they always follow the concept of your work?

Our Members are high net-worth individuals seeking for something different. They are usually already on a more spiritual path, and very aware about the consciousness elevation part of our mission. We are use to work with very high exigences, but they also understand the human side on the creation of each experience. As we get what we project, we always had the chance to work with Members who are comprehensive of our concept and who let us guide them through this process. We consider every of our collaborators as a partner of the experience, and integrity is one our core value.

7. What would you tell us about spiritual aspect of The Key’s activity? How does it works and why do you think it can change people’s minds?

Since almost two years The Key have decided to go further on the spiritual aspect of our experiences by offering a specific “guidance in consciousness” service. In collaboration with the world’s top experts, we offer a kind of healing concierge service to support and guide our Members through some consciousness experiences supported by scientific research and cutting edge medicines. Our practices uses a multidisciplinary approach approach including indigenous and shamanic traditions like Ayahuasca, DMT or even some Vision Quest. Those therapeutic experiences bring the consciousness of our Members to an higher level and profoundly help them to work on a better version of themselves.

8. What does the person need to do/have to become a member of The Key ?

For all new Members, we require an individual meeting to understand our new clients expectations, their needs and being able to properly explain them the concept of The Key and how what we can offer them could make their life become better. We usually prefer to work on recommendations .

The Key is now developing a specific underground concierge service in Ibiza during the summer, offering some unique high end experiences to discover the magic of the Island. During the winter, The Key have become the reference as an experience curator for the underground scene of Tulum in Mexico. One of our bestseller is the Mayan Jungle Experience, a psychedelic day expedition in the magic jungle of Palenque.

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«I believe this sentence from Marcel Proust will describe perfectly our mission: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes»

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