Anna Vasilevskaya. Talented is who talented does

Mark Twain once said “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” The Ukrainian supermodel Anna Vasilevskaya knows exactly what it means. Everything she does is full of love and devotion – whether it’s bringing up her son, judging the most prestigious European beauty pageants, playing the leading role in films and theatre performances or shooting for the top brands…
She is truly passionate about her work, her family, her personality and her life as a whole. Anna is sure that the more you love yourself, the more love you give to the world. That’s why no day in Anna’s life lacks personal care. It may be a good work-out, a massage, some daily beauty routines – but every day her body should feel love and care. Being a professional model and actress Anna knows how important is to invest into yourself and develop your skills.

Being a beautiful woman, Anna is sure that appearance is not crucial for becoming a successful supermodel. You may not believe it but Anna wasn’t accepted to the modeling school at the age of 13 because of the excess weight and “very conspicuous appearance”. With her own experience she shows that if you set a goal and work hard you’ll achieve it!

“To become successful a pretty face is not enough. You need great work capacity and hard-working skills, ability to pose and get through never-ending castings, to be flexible and compliant… Those who are willing to work — get the jobs. I do know it. I was often told “no”.

At the very beginning of Anna’s stunning career she felt the lack of acting skills and went to acting classes. Her musical education came in handy when she was invited to play in the theatre. Anna had to prepare 2 songs and her performance was a great success! Talented is who talented does, indeed!
Aside from performing in the theater Anna Vasilevskaya starred in several films. The directors notice how magnificently she is getting into character. Her ambitious dream, or better to say – the goal she sets for herself — is to star in Hollywood, to get a leading role in a film of an Oscar-winning director who will be able to reach her potential and reveal her insights.

Another goal is to work with top European brands. Anna is often compared to Monica Bellucci for her inner graciousness and this slight Oriental look so she would suit perfectly for Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign.

Anna has been often invited to jury the beauty contests. It’s not surprising as she has been working in modeling business for 15 years. During this time she has not only built a successful modeling carrier herself, but also held classes in model school and prepared girls for competitions. Knowing this sphere inside out Anna Vasilevskaya is a perfect judge – she understands the participants and therefore is very objective. And usually it’s enough to see the first entrance for her to define three winners.

“I’m loyal but fair. If a person has already come on stage – it’s already 5 out of 10! The vast experience I have helps me to be fully objective. On student beauty contests there are one criteria. On Miss pageants — other. On Mrs. contests appearance goes into the background, the more important is the girl’s inner world and what she has achieved in the social sphere. Right now I am going to a model competition in Poland – it’s not for the beauty queens, but for those who will receive contracts with top brands. I’m happy that I have this huge experience, it’s really priceless!”

Anna is also known for her pure taste and stylish looks. Working with professional stylists and directors, staging beauty contests and runway walks – for so many years she has evolved great sense of fashion.
“I don’t like oversize clothes. I think that woman should be sexy and I try to accentuate all my feminine curves. I love good fabrics, hats and lush looks. And I don’t like many small details.”

Exclusive advice from Anna Vasilevskaya on how to find your style:
“When you take a piece of clothing, think — what will it say about you? You need to emphasize yourself, your inner you, not the clothes. Never wear clothes only because they are in. You will look the same as many other girls who strive for being trendy. Always think what you want to say to the world with your look.”
A top-rated supermodel working with the biggest brands, a talented actress and a professional stylist, Anna Vasilevskaya is also a TV journalist by profession. And she is going to have her own talk show one day.

“I love everything that I do — every shooting, every film, every advertising campaign – I feel like all my dreams come true and with every new project I am becoming the better version of myself, better and happier. I am sure that the best is yet to come. My major role is waiting for me.”

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