Anna Antonova
31.07.2017 12:00


Anna Antonova is so much more than just a model. Having graduated from the Financial University, now she is doing MBA in creative business in Birkbeck University and hopes to open an art women’s studio in London one day.


—         What does your average day look like? ater with lemon and short yoga practice. It helps to wake up and gives the right vibes for the day. Then — time for studying and later on I either go to see friends or work on my projects. I prefer to keep my plans open and be spontaneous — it helps to feel free and savor the moment.

—         If I were a literary or film character, I would be…

—         … Alice in Wonderland! From the very childhood this story has amazed me and I still find it fascinating. Her curiosity, courage, open heart and desire to find the truth, as much as simplicity of mad things — are so close to me.

—         What was the best gift you have ever given to someone?

—         The best gift a woman can give is to deliver a new soul to this world for a beloved one. I can’t wait for my husband to find me and dream about a moment to become a partner, wife and mother.

—         What achievement would be the best indicator of your success?

—         I will succeed when I know that my family is happy and healthy, I have my own family and business that makes a difference. I want to do something valuable and one of my dreams is the art studio for Russians in London. I want to create a place, where everybody could dance, do yoga and different practices like chakras breathing or Taoist lessons.

—         What are you proud of?

—         I am proud to be a woman and inspire other women for their best. I am proud to be educated and raised well enough to set the right goals and be able to achieve them.

—         What is the last book you have read?

—         «Women, who run with the wolves: contacting the Power of the Wild Woman» by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. This book is the real guidance for every woman to our deep feminine instincts.

—         What is your favourite city and why?

—         London! As soon as I arrived there for the first time, I had a strong feeling that this is Home. I like the atmosphere, climate, language, people and the culture they really preserve.

—         I will never…

—         … hurt intentionally someone I love and do plastic surgery! I know many ways to keep my body fit and beautiful instead of going under the knife!

—         What are your main goals in modelling?

—         It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, share the way I see fashion and style and bring attention to something more important than just a picture.


—          In everyday life it’s Full MakeUp or NoMakeUp?

—         In my daily life I never wear makeup — just some foundation and blushes. As someone said: «She looked the best in the morning, wearing nothing but sunshine»

—         What 3 items are always in your purse?

—         Lipstick, hand cream and umbrella (I live in London!)

—          What’s your style?

—         I would say my style is classy and elegant, even if I wear casual clothes. I choose stylish outfits with good material, rather than uncomfortable but fashionable ones. I don’t have a fashion icon, but I get inspiration from all the women around me.


—         What nutrition system do you stick to?

—         I don’t eat meat for 13 years because it makes me feel heavy, so I eat mostly seafood, vegetables and fruit, drink a lot of water and sometimes have detox days on juices.

—         Do you do any sports?

—         I used to dance professionally for 16 years, now I prefer different types of yoga, Pilates and gym.

—         Is there a sure-fire advice — how to get in shape quickly?

—         Fall in love!

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