Anastasia Kvitko and her American dream

Anastasia Kvitko is a young and beautiful Instagram fitness model who has a staggering army of 7.4 million followers on Instagram thanks to her incredible figure she frequently flaunts in a series of outfits and swimsuits. After her first fashion shooting in the USA for Kanye West Clothing she received many interesting proposals and decided to move to Miami where she is currently working.

Anastasia is the founder and the face of her own swimwear brand “AC 305”exclusively designed in collaboration with fashion designer Eliya Cioccolato. Being a very creative person, she likes drawing and designing her swimsuits collections. Anastasia also would like to get a role in a feature film. She has a vast experience in shooting in music videos with American stars but her dream is to star in a real movie.

Another her passion is fitness. In childhood Anastasia used to do athletics, which contributed to her fantastic physical form. Now she is very busy modeling, but still finds time to go to the gym 4 times a week to stay fit and maintain her curvaceous figure. The girl also chooses healthy diet: she doesn’t eat meat and chicken and avoids fast food.

“To be honest I love my whole body but my favorite part is my derriere”- says the model.

Right now Anastasia is working on her special App that her fans would be able to buy in Apple store and where they could see exclusive photos and videos and communicate with the model.
Anastasia Kvitko is often called “Russian Kim Kardashian” but it is something that she is not so happy about as her body is the result of hard work in the gym and not the plastic surgery — she explained. She is ready for more fame on Kim Kardashian’s coattails.
“We’re absolutely different with Kim and I don’t understand why people constantly compare us”.

“I want to recommend all the girls to love yourselves as you are and be confident in your natural beauty. And remember that the main secret of beauty is a healthy diet and sport. It’s as easy as that.”


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